What data plans are available?


SIMO Internet is only available on compatible devices, which have been approved to work with SIMO virtual SIM technology.

SIMO Internet is available by purchasing data plans from our store whose conditions may vary depending on the country from which you are registering your device with SIMO.

There are two categories of data plan available for SIMO Internet:


Passes offers an unlimited amount of data, which is valid for a continuous duration from a few minutes, to one hour or a day from the time you are activating the data. The Pass is available on an applicable coverage either local, regional or global. A Fair Usage Policy may apply to the data plan.

Those data plan is ideal for sending urgent messages, connecting to an online meeting from anywhere, retrieving important documents stored on the cloud or staying connected while traveling.


GoData data plan offers on-demand local, regional or global connectivity. Whether you're wandering the globe, getting ahead on work during your daily commute, working from anywhere, or keeping the family entertained during a road trip, GoData provides full-speed mobile data without speed throttling!

GoData comes with an included amount of data in GBs either in one or several countries valid for a period. Please check the coverage, included data and validity of your data plan.


Connect to your account to access your data plan store and browse the data plan.

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