How to use SIMO Internet on my tablet?


SIMO Internet is accessible onto any approved devices on which our application will be pre-installed by the manufacturer. Your tablet needs to connect to Internet via Wi-Fi first to initialize SIMO Internet. Once SIMO Internet is provisioned on your tablet you will receive a notification inviting you to try SIMO and register an account.

Through SIMO Internet application, you can perform several tasks:

Set up your device

The first step before using SIMO Internet is to sign up an account with us in order to register your device via the setup link. Follow the steps as indicated. Only one account can be associated to a device and your account is linked to your email address or your Google account. In order to make any change or if you have made a mistake during the registration process, you will have to contact our support via live chat at

Access your account

You can access your account to view your profile details, understand your current data balance, purchase a new plan, or manage your device settings.

Buy more data

You are automatically redirected to our storefront page to purchase a new data plan from those available in your country.

Renew a plan

Once you are reaching the expiry or have depleted the balance for your current data plan, SIMO Internet will ask you to renew your data plan of the same plan and activate auto-renewal.

Switch network with SignalScan™

SignalScan™ allows you to disconnect from the current mobile operator and search for a better alternative if you are experiencing difficulties or slower connection with your device.

Need help?

Access the FAQ pages and start a live chat to connect with our customer support to assist you

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