What are the models of tablet compatible with SIMO Internet?


The integration of SIMO Internet into a tablet is a decision of device manufacturers. We are working with more tablet manufacturers to make our service more widely available to consumers. You need to ensure your device is compatible if you want to use SIMO Internet.

Compatible devices will come with the pre-installed application SIMO Internet available from the notification menu by swiping from the top of your screen. It may also carry the logo “SIMO Inside”.

If your device is not on the list or if you are unsure about it, please contact the device manufacturer for inquiry. You may also check with your device manufacturer if SIMO Internet can be upgraded into your existing device.

The following tablets are available with SIMO Internet:

Brand Model Available Regions
Blackview Tab 13 E.U., Canada, Mexico, Japan
Blackview Tab 13 EEA E.U., Canada, Mexico, Japan
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