Skyroam Solis VPN


What is a VPN?

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a connection method used on public and private networks to add security, privacy, and access content on location-based blocked sites.


Why would I use Solis VPN?

You can use Solis VPN to:

  1. Stay secure: Protect yourself from hackers and malware with Solis VPN's military-grade encryption. Block suspicious websites and flashy ads automatically.
  2. Remain private: We hide your IP address and never collect or share your information. Browse anonymously without your history, downloads, and services being monitored.
  3. Access content: Ever been blocked online because of your physical location? Never again with a VPN! Pick one of the available countries and surf the web freely.


How does Solis VPN work?

Solis VPN encrypts Internet traffic and routes it through a remote server. It hides and replaces the IP address to allow security, privacy and access to content.


Solis VPN is only available for Solis Lite and Solis X hotspots. Solis VPN is unavailable for Solis 1 hotspots.


How do I set up the Solis VPN?

To set up the Solis VPN:

  1. Visit the Account page.
  2. Click on Manage VPN under the Hotspot Controls section.
  3. Make sure you have connected and activated Skyroam WiFi service.
  4. Browse the different countries and select which server you would like to connect to.
  5. Once connected, the button on the Manage VPN page will change from “Quick Connect” to Disconnect”.
  6. You are now connected with VPN protection. Great for privacy, security and accessing content.

*”Favorite” frequently used servers to quickly reconnect in the future.


How much does Solis VPN cost?

The Solis VPN feature is free of cost until January 2020. After, there will be costs associated:

  1. 30 Day VPN Plan (30 days of unlimited VPN service) priced at $12
  2. VPN Subscription (continuous VPN service) priced at $9 / monthly


With Solis VPN, what country servers do I have access to?

With the Solis VPN feature, there are 16 country servers available:

United States, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Canada, Germany, Australia, France, Switzerland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Singapore, Belgium, Austria, Spain, Ireland.


Will Solis VPN work on all devices connected to Solis?

Yes, Solis VPN will work on all of your devices connected to Solis. If you have Skyroam Solis, all 5 devices will be enabled. If you have Skyroam Solis Lite or Skyroam Solis X, all 10 devices will be enabled.


Will Solis VPN slow down my connection speed?

A VPN connection speed depends on many different variables, such as a user’s device, location, VPN server load, the distance between both peers and so on. Therefore, some users even report increased speeds with Solis VPN on, while others may experience a slow down.


Does Solis VPN keep logs?

No, Solis VPN does not keep logs. Your privacy is protected.


When using Solis VPN, can I access Netflix (USA)?

By connecting to a server in the United States of America, you gain the ability to access the full American Netflix catalog. Just remember to sign up for the popular video streaming service first!


Which hotspot is Solis VPN available in?

Solis VPN is only available for Solis Lite and Solis X hotspots. Solis VPN is unavailable for Solis 1 and refurbished Solis 1 hotspots.




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