USA Unlimited Data Subscription Discontinue


What happened to the USA Unlimited Data Subscription?

Due to popular demand, Skyroam has expanded the USA GoData Subscription and now offering affordable GoData options to improve user's experience. Previously, the USA Unlimited Data Subscription included a 20GB throttle policy and affected heavy data users in the USA. With the new USA GoData Subscription options, users can enjoy seamless connectivity without any speed interruptions.

Skyroam has replaced the USA Unlimited Data Subscription with the new GoData options in both the Solis App and Portal.

I am currently subscribed to USA Unlimited Subscription, how will this affect me?

If you're still subscribed, you will continue having access to the USA Unlimited Subscription and the plan will remain active in your account. The subscription will resume auto-renewing every 30 days and you may top up additional data when needed. 

But, once you unsubscribe, the USA Unlimited Subscription will be replaced with USA GoData Subscription in both the Solis App and Portal.

What happens to my pre-paid USA Unlimited Subscription codes? Can I still redeem?

Yes, you can still redeem any existing pre-paid USA Unlimited Subscription codes. You can redeem the code and activate the service on the Solis App and Portal.

Are there other Unlimited Subscription Plans available?

Skyroam continues to offer the Global Unlimited Subscription that allows users to connect in over 130+ countries with unlimited data. The Global Unlimited Subscription starts at $99 per month and user may find bundle deals on Solis App and

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