What is the Global Daypass?


The Skyroam Global Daypass is an affordable way to stay connected with no contract needed, pay-as-you-go! With each Global Daypass, you will receive 24-hours of continuous unlimited, secured, and seamless global connectivity with no SIM swapping - making it easy for you to hop from one country to the next and stay connected!

Now available with the Skyroam Global Hotspot, Skyroam Solis, and Skyroam Solis X! 


How does the Global Daypass work?

The Skyroam Global Daypass is a pay-as-you-go WiFi service with no contract needed. The service provides you with 24-hours of unlimited data and begins when a Daypass is activated from user's account. 

Once you start a Daypass, a 24-hour countdown timer will be presented.


How much does it cost?

The Global Daypass is $9 USD. There are no hidden fees or overage charges.


Where can I use my service?

The Global Daypass is available in all of Skyroam's 130+ covered countries. Please refer to our coverage list for a complete list of supported countries.


Are my data and speed unlimited?

The Global Daypass provides you with unlimited data for 24-hours, subject to our Fair Use Policy . For full-speed data without our Fair Use Policy, check out the GoData Monthly Subscription which lets you pay per GB. 


Does the Global Daypass expire?

There are no expirations with the Global Daypass. Once you purchase the Global Daypass, the pass will be credited to your account.


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