How to Change my Network Name and Password


The Solis WiFi App now allows users to change their SSID (network name) and password for their Skyroam hotspot. This provides users with an extra layer of personalization and allows for easier network sharing with others.

This feature is available to all users with a Solis X or Solis Lite hotspot, and the following conditions are met: 

  1. User is connected to their Solis WiFi Network
  2. User's hotspot has the following firmware or later 
    • Solis X -
    • Solis Lite -
    • Solis - Not yet available. 

Not sure what firmware version you have? Here's a quick guide of how to check the firmware version number for your hotspot. 


How to change your Network Name and Password: 

  1. Open the Solis WiFi App. If you do not have the mobile app installed, follow these directions to download. 
  2. Click the "Account" tab 
  3. Find "Manage Hotspots
  4. Choose "WiFi Network Settings". If you have multiple hotspots, choose WiFi Network Settings for the hotspot you would like to edit. 
  5. Edit your WiFi network name and password and click save. 
  6. Now you can easily share your WiFi with other devices and friends. 


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