Quick Start Guide: Solis X


Open your package and charge the device

  • Inside the Solis box, a USB-C charging cable is included
  • Plug the USB-C end to the USB-C port (located on the side of hotspot, you should hear a click)
  • Plug the USB end to a USB power source (the USB power source is not included)
  • Once the hotspot is plugged in for charging, the LED bar animation will illuminate inward and outward (click here to view LED light meanings)
  • Charging the hotspot typically take 30 min to 1 hour depending on the battery life. Once the LED bar is fully white and the white light is static, the charging has been completed.

Power on your device

  • Press and hold onto the power button for 5 seconds. The power button is located on the top of your hotspot
  • For Solis X device, a slight vibration and a start-up sound will be presented during boot up
  • As the device is booting up, the LED bar and 3 status indicator lights will begin illuminating( click here to view LED light meanings)
  • LED bar light will illuminate a white color going back and forth. At this stage, the hotspot is attempting to connect to a cellular tower.
  • The 3 indicator lights will flash from color red to white
  • Once the LED bar and 3 indicator lights are a static white color (not flashing), the hotspot is ready to be connected!

Download the Solis App or visit a.skyroam.com web portal

  • If you are planning to connect with mobile phone, we recommend downloading the Solis App to manage your hotspot. The Solis App is available in both Apple App Store for iOS users and Google Playstore for Android users.
  • If you are planning to connect with desktop/laptop computer, we recommend visiting a.skyroam.com portal to manage your hotspot.

Connect device to the Skyroam WiFi Network

  • On the back of the hotspot, you will find the Skyroam network SSID and the password. The Skyroam network SSID begins with “#Skyroam_” and password is 8 digits. (include picture of the back of device that shows SSID/PW)
  • When you are ready to connect, go to your phone or computer ‘WiFi settings’ to locate the Skyroam network SSID. If your device cannot detect the Skyroam WiFi SSID, you may need to reset your hotspot by pressing the reset button with a pin on the back of your hotspot.
  • Once you are connected to the Skyroam WiFi network, you will proceed with creating a Skyroam account to manage your hotspot and purchase / redeem service plans.

Create a Skyroam Account

  • The purpose of the Skyroam Account is to manage your hotspot and purchase service plans so you can stay connected!
  • For new customers, when creating an account, you will need to input your preferred email and password. Accounts can be created on the Solis App or a.skyroam.com web portal via ‘Sign up’ button
  • For existing customers, you can use your current account with your email and password to add your new Skyroam hotspot.

Buy or redeem WiFi and start browsing

  • In order to start connecting online, you must purchase or redeem a WiFi plan
  • Click here to view all available WiFi plans
  • WiFi services can be purchased under ‘Shop’ page in the Solis App or a.skyroam.com web portal.
  • If you have a pre-paid service code, you can apply pre-paid service code in Solis App:
    • ‘Shop / Buy’ page
    • Click on ‘Pre-paid code’ section
    • Apply your pre-paid code. (If the prepaid code was sent to your email, you may check your inbox or spam email to retrieve the code


Quick Start Guide Video for iOS and Android 9


Quick Start Guide Video for Android 10+


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