Solis 5G FAQs


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where do I locate my device serial number or IMEI?

You may locate the device serial number and IMEI on the QR code page. To access the QR code page, select 'Manage Data Plan' and select 'Show Web QR code'.

2. I'm having trouble scanning the QR code to complete registration

If you are unable to scan the QR code, you may setup the hotspot manually by:

  • Vist SIMO portal
  • Click on 'Set up new device'
  • Enter the device serial number and IMEI to complete registration

3. How do I buy or redeem data plan?

To manage or purchase data plan, visit the SIMO portal: . On the SIMO portal, you may purchase all our data plans that are available and redeem any plans that you are qualified.

4. How do I change from vSIM to Physical SIM Card?

To change your SIM type, on the hotspot 'Menu' page, you can select 'SIM Card'. On the SIM Card page, there is an option to toggle between 'SIMO virtual SIM' or 'SIM Card'.

5. How do I change the WiFi network name and password?

You can change the WiFi network name and password in the SIMO Portal:

  • Visit SIMO portal
  • Select 'Manage devices'.
  • In the 'WiFi settings' section, you may edit the WiFi network name and password.

6. Is the Solis App compatible with the Solis 5G Hotspot?

No, the Solis App is only compatible with our Solis 1, Lite, and X hotspots. The Solis App is not compatible with the Solis 5G hotspot.

7. Can I use my Solis Reward point with Solis 5G?

At the moment, Solis Reward points are not compatible with Solis 5G. We are working on a solution that will allow Solis 5G users to use Solis Reward points in the future.

8. Can I use my Solis Lite account with Solis 5G?

User may login to the new Solis 5G portal ( with their existing Solis account. User may only manage the Solis 5G hotspot on

If user wants to manage their other Solis devices such as Solis X/Lite/1, user must visit

9. Can I purchase Solis VPN for Solis 5G?

At the moment, Solis VPN is only available for Solis 1/X/Lite. Solis VPN is not available for Solis 5G.

10. I am an existing Solis user. Can I transfer my Daypass and/or data from my old hotspot to Solis 5G?

Yes. We can help you transfer your Daypass and/or data to your new Solis 5G. Please contact our support team for assistance.

11. I forgot my screen lock passcode, how can I reset it?

You can perform a factory reset. The factory reset button is on the right side of the hotspot. Once your hotspot has been reset, you can set a new screen lock passcode.

12. How do I remove the SIM slot card holder that is inside the SIM slot?

There is an eject PIN that is included in the 5G hotspot package. You can eject the cardholder by using the eject PIN.

13. Where can I find the hotspot network name and password?

You can find the 5G hotspot network name and password by clicking the WiFi logo on the hotspot screen. You'll find two options: 2.4Ghz or 5Ghz

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