Returns and Refund Policy


Refund and Return Policy

We want you to be 100% satisfied about the products you purchase at If at any time within 30 days of receiving your order, you’re not 100% satisfied, you may return the products to us for a refund.

Any items damaged due to reasons not covered under warranty cannot be accepted back for refund. Also, associated shipping fees are not refundable.

Refunds and returns can only apply to orders placed on If products are purchased elsewhere, please refer to third-party or partner’s return policies.


Refunds excludes the following:

  • Shipping Cost: Customers are responsible for all shipping costs. Refunds are not applicable for shipping and return costs.
  • Data / WiFi Service: Refunds are not applicable for data / WiFi service plans that has been consumed. Auto-renewal fees are not refundable.
  • Additional Charges: Any additional charges outside of Skyroam or SIMO’s control are not refundable, such as:
    • Bank / payment fees
    • Currency conversion fees
    • Data charges from mobile wireless provider
    • Internet service provider fees

How to start the refund / return process?

You may start the refund / return process by contacting our support in the following channels:

  1. Live Chat (Recommended) on or Solis App
  2. Email
  3. Call 1-855-759-7626

You’ll need to provide the following information for our support agent to verify your refund/return eligibility.

  1. Device serial number
  2. Order number

Once we’ve receive your return products and verify it’s in working condition, you’ll receive a refund for the full cost of the products (excluding shipping cost). The refund will be credited to your original payment method within 7 business days of our receiving.



If I choose to return my items, will SIMO create a return label and pay for my return shipping? 

If SIMO customers choose to return items within 30 days of delivery date, SIMO will not cover the cost of return shipping. Customers are responsible for all return shipping costs.

Please note - All refunds are eligible if purchased on or If items are purchased elsewhere, please refer to third-party or partner's return policies.


If my monthly subscription (GoData or Unlimited Monthly Subscription) auto-renewed, can I receive a full refund if I did not use the service?   

All of our subscriptions includes an automatic renewal feature. We state this policy on the service description and customers are responsible to review all description before opting in.

It is the customer's responsibility to cancel the subscription 4 days prior to the end of the period (or scheduled billing date). The fees collected are not based on usage and is considered payment for the following 30 days.

If monthly fees are already collected, SIMO encourages you to use the time remaining on your subscription.


If I notice an additional charge from my wireless provider, will SIMO reimburse for my additional expenses?

SIMO customers are responsible to ensure their mobile devices are connected to the SIMO network to avoid additional charges by their wireless providers.

If mobile devices are not connected to the SIMO product, customers may be charged additionally from their wireless provider. 

SIMO will not reimburse additional charges from wireless providers.


I forgot to add a discount code at checkout, will SIMO issue a credit or refund? 

Once orders have already been placed, SIMO cannot apply additional changes and discounts after a purchase has been finalized. Instead, please use your code on your next purchase!




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