GoData FAQs


How do I buy more than 1GB of data each period?

You can buy more GoData at anytime for only $9 USD per GB on Solis App or a.skyroam.com:

  • On the 'Shop' page on the bottom navigation, you can select the desired number of GBs to purchase .

Pro Tip: Use the Auto-Reload feature to automatically load more data to your plan once your account reaches 0GB.


How do I view my GoData balance?

On the Solis App and a.skyroam.com, you can view your GoData balance on the 'Status' page.


If I subscribe to GoData, what will happen to my Global Daypass or Unlimited Subscription?

If you subscribe to GoData, you will be restricted to purchase additional Global Daypass or subscribe Unlimited Monthly Subscription. GoData cannot be consumed with Global Daypass or Unlimited Monthly Subscription simultaneously.

If you unsubscribe from GoData, you will retrieve access to your remaining Global Daypass or be eligible to subsribe to Unlimited Monthly Subscription.


What can I do to save data?

We strongly recommend disabling apps and features that consume data in the background such as cloud syncing, system updates, auto-backups, and auto-app updates.


Will the Skyroam GoData Monthly Subscription work on the original Skyroam Global Hotspot?

The GoData Subscription is only available for Skyroam Solis and Solis X user. At the moment, the GoData service is not available for Skyroam Solis rentals.

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