Solis X - 'Moments' Feature


What are Moments?

Moments is a feature that enables Skyroam Solis X users to take photos automatically with pre-set or custom time intervals and duration whether the user is present or away. This means the Solis X will take a certain number of photos each hour, for a certain number of hours. 

Does the Moments feature work even when I am not connected to my hotspot?

Yes, the Moments feature does work even when you are not connected to your Skyroam Solis X. Once you have selected your desired mode and clicked start, feel free to disconnect.

Note: when the Moment is done, you will have to reconnect to view what you have captured.

Once a Moment is started, can I stop it?

Yes, you can stop the Moments feature at any point once it is started. 

Is the Moments feature free?

Yes, the Moments feature is free.

How can I create my own Moments mode?

To create your own Moments mode:

  1. Visit the status screen and click on 'Camera'.
  2. Once on the Camera preview, click 'Moments' on the right-hand bottom corner
  3. Click on the modes overlay 
  4. Once clicked, a pop-up of all pre-set modes will appear. On the top, there is a button to “create your own”
  5. Click “create your own” and fill out your desired title, interval and duration. Click Save.

There are four Moments modes pre-determined in Solis App:

  1. Holiday Party: Snapshot at every 3mins for 120 min
  2. Sports: Snapshot at every 20s for 60 min
  3. Sunrise / Sunset: Snapshot at every 60s for 20 min
  4. Time In Motion: Snapshot at every 60s for 60 min

Note: users can customize Moments criteria by clicking "create your own".


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