Refurbished Skyroam Solis - How to Get Started


How to Get Started with your Refurbished Skyroam Solis!


  • Plug the provided charging cable into Skyroam Solis and connect to a power source to charge.
  • Press and hold vertical, oval-shaped power button on the side to turn on your hotspot.
  • Wait for the WiFi button light on top to stop spinning. This means boot-up is complete.
  • Look on the bottom of your Solis and use your unique WiFi network/SSID & password to connect any gadget. Usually you will go to “Network Settings” on a phone or laptop and look for the Skyroam network to pop-up, enter the password.



  • Go to on the phone or computer that is connected to Skyroam's WiFi network.
  • Follow the provided steps to register using your preferred e-mail address or your Facebook account.
  • Once registration is complete, you will be able to choose a data plan by clicking the “Buy” button at the bottom of the portal page. Choose a subscription or buy daypasses to pay-as-you-go for WiFi.



  • The Skyroam Solis is also a portable battery park! Insert the USB-C to USB adapter into the charging port.
  • Plug in your device’s charging cable to the adapter. Connect your gadget to the cable to begin charging!


Power Tips:

WiFi button light circle indicates the remaining battery life (percentage of circle lit is percent of battery life remaining).   


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