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Skyroam now offers a live chat opportunity to reach our support team for real time question exchange and hotspot troubleshooting. Our live chat can be accessed through the Solis WiFi App through our general Skyroam website -, or through our Support website -

How to access Live Chat in the Solis WiFi App: 

  •  Through the Status Page (fastest method):
    1. Open the Solis WiFi App
    2. Locate the Live Chat icon in the top right corner of the status page
    3. Start your chat.



  • Through the Contact Us tab:

    1. Open the Solis WiFi App.
    2. Click to the Account tab in the lower right corner
    3. Choose Contact Us > Live Chat
    4. Start your chat.


    Account_Box.png          Contact_US_Box.png            IMG_1723.PNG


Besides sending messages, users can also send a photo from their photo gallery or take a new photo using the camera.



Our Live Chat is now available to all app users. Users can use live chat even if they are not connected to the Solis WiFi or do not have a service plan activated. Live chat hours are 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

To learn more about the Solis WiFi App and access direct download links to the App Store and Google Play Store, please read more here.


How to access Live Chat Online:


From our Support Pages:

  1. Visit our Support website at
  2. Click orange "chat" button in the lower right corner
  3. Start your chat.


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