How to Remove Solis Battery Tab



In order for your Solis Hotspot to function properly, you must first remove the battery tab located within the Solis hotspot itself. Here are detailed instructions on how to remove your Solis battery tab: 

  1. Twist bottom of Solis Hotspot counter clockwise to open. Locate the two dots, one on top of another, below the Solis charging port - these should be aligned before twisting off. Twist the the bottom cover piece counter clockwise, towards the second dot, to remove. 
  2. Remove battery tabs inside. Once the bottom of your Solis is removed, locate the yellow battery tab that says "Pull Me". Pull to remove battery tab to allow Solis to function properly. DO NOT remove batteries themselves. In case the batteries are lifted or out of place upon tab removal, please put them back in place according to + or - orientation. Follow the direction indicated on the battery port. 
  3. Replace bottom of Solis Hotspot. On the removed Solis bottom, align right side dot to the dot below the charging port on Solis top. Twist clockwise to close both pieces together. Dot alignment will return to starting positions when the Solis is properly closed.



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