What is USA GoData Subscription?


What is USA only GoData?

The USA GoData Subscription provides full speed of 4G LTE mobile data to be used anytime in the USA. The subscription starts at $6 per month and automatically renews every 30 days. There are no contracts and you have the option to unsubscribe at any time.

How does the USA GoData Subscription work?

Skyroam's USA GoData auto renews every 30-days, beginning of the day you subscribe. Once subscribed there is no activation necessary. Your Skyroam WiFi starts immediately, giving you on-demand access to the fastest mobile WiFi in the United States

How much does it cost?

There are various pricing options for the USA GoData Subscription. Below are the prices and amount of GBs you can opt in:

GB Available Monthly Cost (auto-renews 30 days)
1GB $6 / month
5GB $25 / month
10GB $40 / month
25GB $60 / month
50GB $110 / month
100GB $200/month

Once you select the option that fits your needs, the plan will auto-renew every 30days for the same amount of GB and price that you've opted in.

What happens to my data if I don’t use it up in the 30-day period?

Your data balance resets when the 30-day period ends. There is no data rollover to the next month. You will begin each new period with the same amount of GB and price that you've opted in

Does Skyroam's Fair Use Policy or throttling apply go GoData Subscription?

Our Fair Use Policy does not apply for GoData Monthly Subscription. Users will receive high-speed connection and will not experience any speed reductions. The speed and signal is determined by the user's location as our technology connects to local cellular towers.



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