Where to find the serial number?


Here is how to find the Device SN and confirmation code for each device:

  1. Acer M3 and Solis 5G:
    • From the Home screen, click Manage Data Plan 
    • Show Web QRcode.
  2. Dongle:
    • The serial number and IMEI is printed on a label that is attached to the device.
  3. Tablets:
    • Each tablet is different. Instead of looking for the device SN and IMEI, it is better to open the SIMO portal on the tablet by clicking on the SIMO app icon.
  4. Acer Laptop 
    • Access the SIMO application through the TMS app or directly via the SIMO App by clicking the SIMO icon.
    • To find your 'Device SN' and 'IMEI', click on 'Check Device Information' on the SIMO Application's homepage. The 'Device SN (SIMO)' and 'IMEI1' are essential for device registration.


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