Fair Usage Policy


Our goal at SIMO is to provide high-speed Internet access to our customers! To ensure we optimize our data network to provide the best speeds to our customers worldwide, we practice an industry standard Fair Use Policy. Our Fair Use Policy is consistent with most mobile carriers and broadband company policies for mobile data usage. Because our network is a limited resource, customers who take a disproportionately high amount of data may experience reduced network speeds, based on location and service, so that we protect Fair Usage for all.

How much data will I get?

  • Passes: Consumers will receive unlimited data for the duration of the pass. While the consumer's data will not expire during validity, data speeds may vary from 4G to 3G speeds or lower depending on location, carrier bandwidth, and total data consumption.
  • GoData: Consumers will receive full-speed mobile data at any time. The Fair Use Policy does not apply to GoData plan. However, the coverage, validity and amount of data may vary depending on the Data Plan. Please check these when purchasing GoData plan.

What can I do to avoid reduced speeds?

To ensure you have uninterrupted high-speed data, we strongly recommend disabling apps and features that consume data in the background, including cloud syncing, large system updates, auto-backups, auto-app updates, and avoid extended use of video streaming, gaming and other online activities that consume large amounts of data. 

If you are looking to consume high volume of data, we recommend purchasing GoData.

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