Global Unlimited Data Subscription Top-Up Options


How do I get more high-speed data on the unlimited data plans?

Skyroam now allows Global and USA Unlimited Data subscribers to add more high-speed GBs to their accounts once they have reached the monthly throttle. Global Unlimited Data subscriptions provide 20GBs of high-speed data per month, followed by unlimited data at reduced speeds thereafter.

Once reaching the 20GB threshold, users can choose to continue on reduced data speeds until their subscription renews or purchase more high-speed GBs to carry them through the rest of their 30-day cycle.

This functionality gives Unlimited Data subscribers enough WiFi flexibility to ensure they have the high-speed GBs they need in a given month. Top-up GBs are entirely optional to the user and are not required for use.


Global Unlimited Data Top Up Pricing (can be used in 130+ countries)

Top Up Options Pricing (USD)
5 GB $25
10 GB $45
20 GB $80
50 GB $175


Things to check before topping up:

1. Update the Solis WiFi App

 If you have the Solis WiFi App, you must update it to the newest version in order to unlock the top-up feature and functionality. Go to the App store and click “Update”. If you have automatic updates enabled on your phone, there is no additional action needed. 


 2. Check your Data Usage

On the Status screen of your Solis WiFi App, you will now be able to keep track of how much data has been consumed throughout your 30-day subscription cycle. This will help you monitor how much data you are using each day, and plan for how much data you will need for the remainder of the month.


3. Check your Subscription renewal date:

 View your subscription renewal date in the Manage Subscription tab of the Solis App or Web Portal. If you are running out of high-speed data early in the month, you can top-up your GBs before speeds decrease. Any top-up GBs will expire when your 30-day subscription renews regardless of when you purchase extra top-up GBs.


How to Purchase Top-Up GBs in Solis WiFi App

Top-up GBs for your Unlimited Data subscription can be found in the Shop > Subscription tab, or the “Manage Subscription” tab of the Solis WiFi App for purchase at any time in your 30-day subscription cycle. GBs will be automatically activated upon purchase.


How to Purchase Top-Up GBs in the Web Portal

 If you don’t have the Solis WiFi App, you can still purchase top-up GBs from the web portal. Logon to and connect to your Skyroam hotspot. Go to Buy > Subscription, choose your GB quantity and complete your purchase..



1. Do I need to use all 20GBs of high-speed data before I can top-up?

 High-speed top-up GBs can be purchased at any point in your 30-day billing cycle. They will be added to your account immediately and will be available for use until your subscription renews. Be sure to check your subscription renewal date before purchasing top-up GBs. Once you start your next cycle, you will again have 20GBs of high speed data available.


2. Can I purchase top-up GBs in the Solis WiFi App and Web Portal?

 Yes, Unlimited Data subscription top-up GBs can be purchased in both the Web Portal and the Solis WiFi App.


3. How do I know if I need to top-up?

 The Status page of the Solis WiFi App will show how much data has been used throughout your 30-day subscription cycle. If this number exceeds 20GB, you may continue using your unlimited data at slower speeds, or you  can purchase top-up GBs to continue your high-speed connection. You may continue using your Skyroam device without purchasing top-up GBs, however the speeds will be reduced until your subscription renews.


4. How long will I have to use my top-up GBs?

Top-up GBs will expire at the end of your 30-day cycle when your subscription renews, regardless of when you purchased them.

Top-up GBs will not rollover to the next 30-day cycle.

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