How to Update your Hotspot's Firmware?


First thing’s first. What is firmware? 

Firmware is a small piece of software that enables your Skyroam hotspot to perform its basic functionalities. Without firmware, your Skyroam hotspot would just be a piece of hardware with zero computing power or ‘smart’ features. 


Why should I update my hotspot’s firmware? 

We seek to constantly improve the software of our products to give you the best experience possible. For that reason, we are regularly making software adjustments and improvements and releasing them to your device through firmware updates. Staying up-to-date with these firmware updates will only ensure your hotspot is becoming the best version of itself. 


How do I update my hotspot’s firmware? 

If there is a new version available, Skyroam hotspots were designed to automatically download this firmware upon turning on. You will notice the firmware installation when powering off your hotspot and the 3 indicator lights are flashing red. That is an indication that your hotspot is installing to the latest firmware. If you are unsure of whether your device is on the latest firmware, it is best to follow these steps: 

  1. First, plug in your Skyroam hotspot so that it begins charging. Then, power on. 
  2. About 10 minutes after powering on, a firmware update will begin to download. Make sure to leave the device on for 30 minutes so the firmware has ample time download. After 30 minutes power the hotspot off. 
  3. Once powered off, the device will automatically install the latest firmware and the 3 indicator lights will flash red until the update is complete. This should take 3-5 minutes. Once completed, the hotspot will shut-off automatically.    
  4. To view your firmware version number, power on and connect to your hotspot, open the Solis WiFi App, click Account, then Manage Hotspot. 

Firmware update in LED Lights: 

User Interaction Device LED Light Graphic
Firmware Update The three indicator lights flash red consistently until update is complete Skyroam_SolisX_TV_FA_Indicators-FirmwareUpdate-3.gif


Latest Firmware Versions:

  • Solis 1:
  • Solis Lite:
  • Solis X:


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