How to add additional hotspot


Now that you've purchased multiple Skyroam hotspots, you can setup your hotspots under the same Skyroam account.

Setting up multiple hotspots  allows you to manage your hotspots efficiently and consolidating  your information and plans under one username.

How to setup and add multiple hotspots

There are two methods to add and setup your hotspot on the Solis App. 

  1.  The first method is under the 'Manage Hotspot' page from the Solis App
    • At the bottom of the page, there is a "Setup new hotspot' button
    • Click on the button and follow the steps 


  1. The second method is on the 'Status' page of the Solis App
    • Click on Connect to Solis WiFi
    • Select 'Set up new hotspot' from the pop-up
    • Follow the steps



If you encounter trouble with setting and adding a new hotspot onto your account, please start a live chat with our Support agent by visiting

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