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At the moment, Skyroam only offer shipping in the United States of America. The shipping options we're offering are standard or priority:

  • Standard (up to 7 business days): $9.99 USD
  • Priority (up to 3 business days): $24.99 USD

We understand the demand for our hotspots and service worldwide. We will resume international shipping in the future once international logistics eases. 


1) I selected Priority shipping but have not received my order?

We're sorry to hear that you haven't received your order timely. Once the product is shipped out of our warehouses, it is the courier's responsibility to deliver timely. There could be instances that delay shipping time such as the courier receiving influx of shipments, natural catastrophes, and many more. You can check your tracking information to receive the latest update of your order.


2) Can I change my shipping option after I place my order? 

You can change your shipping option if our warehouse haven't prepared your order. Typically, it takes up to 6 hours for our warehouse to prepare your order. You can contact our Customer Support Team to determine if you're eligible to change your shipping option.


3) When will you offer international shipping?

We do not have a timeline on resuming international shipping. We are aware of the worldwide demand for our product and working diligently with international logistic companies to resume international shipping soon.


4) Can I ship to a location that is not my residence?

As long as the shipping address you provide is valid and can be identified, we will ship to your destination. Please remember, customers are responsible to be present during the estimated shipping date. Skyroam is not liable for any loss or misplaced packages.


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