I cannot complete registration or pair my hotspot?


If you're having trouble completing registration and/or pairing your hotspot with a new account, there are two main reasons: 

  1. Your hotspot has already been registered.
  2. Your hotspot is configured as a B2B Enterprise.

For hotspots that has been registered 

If your hotspot has an existing account or been registered, and you attempt to register/sign-up for a new account, you'll receive an error message. The error message informs users that there is an existing account tied to the hotspot. You'll likely receive this message due to the following reasons:

  1. You've purchased a used hotspot from an unauthorized re-seller.
  2. You found or borrowed a hotspot from the previous owner.
  3. You forgot your account information and attempting to register again.

To resolve this error message, you'll need to contact our customer support team via phone, live chat, or email, and our support agent will clear the existing account information and allow you to register and pair the hotspot. To contact our support, please reach out from the following channels:

  1. Email: support@simo.co
  2. Live Chat: support.simo.co
  3. Phone: 1-855-759-7626

For hotspots that are configured as B2B Enterprise

If you've purchased your hotspot from a 3rd-party reseller, there is a chance that your hotspot has been configured as a B2B Enterprise Account. Our 3rd-party resellers typically have a partnership with SIMO to re-distribute data service plans and hotspots. Often time, 3rd-party resellers will bundle the data service plan with the hotspot or redistribute the data service plan and hotspot to their end users seperately. 

If your hotspot is configured as B2B Enterprise, you will not be able to do the followings:

  1. Manage your account and data plan via Solis App or Portal
  2. Purchase data plans from SIMO
  3. Register/Pair your hotspot with Solis App or Portal

Typically, users with the B2B Enterprise configuration will need to reach out to the 3rd-party reseller to manage their billing, account information, and data plans. Users will still be able to connect to the SIMO data network if there is an active data plan on the hotspot. Users may still contact our customer support team to request troubleshooting assistance.



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