What is your Refund Policy?


Once a data plan has been purchased, such purchase is not refundable. Any unused data or time upon expiry is forfeited.

If you have selected the “auto-renew” option when purchasing your data plan, the renewal shall occur just before the expiry of your data plan in order to avoid any service disruption. It is the customer's responsibility to disable the automatic renewal sufficient time in advance, prior to the expiry of the plan to avoid renewal fees. Once the fees for renewal are collected, they are not refundable.

For GoData, automatic renewal happens when less than 100 MB of data usage is left on the data plan.


If I notice an additional charge from my wireless provider, will SIMO reimburse for my additional expenses? 

SIMO is responsible for the data usage incurred for its service and is paying directly mobile operators. SIMO is not responsible for fees that may occur if the customer is directly using a SIM Card from a mobile operator in its device. Therefore, SIMO will not reimburse such additional charges from mobile operators.


I forgot to add a discount code at checkout, will SIMO issue a credit or refund?

Once orders have already been placed, SIMO cannot apply additional changes and discounts after a purchase has been finalized. Instead, please use your code on your next purchase.

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