Lifetime Data Plan


The Lifetime Data plan is exactly what it sounds like – a data plan that lasts a lifetime of your SIMO device. Unlike traditional data plans that come with daily, monthly, or yearly subscriptions, Lifetime Data Plan provides 250MB ever 7 days and will auto-renew weekly based on the date you activated the plan. Unused data is not carried over to the next week.

The Lifetime Data plan will be available for Solis 5G, Solis Lite, Solis X, and Solis 1 hotspot users who registered an account after 10/06/2023. If you've purchased your device from an unauthorized third-party or a partner that is not part of the qualifications, you are not eligible for Lifetime Data. If you’ve purchased and registered an account prior to 10/06/2023, you are not eligible for Lifetime Data.

Here is what you need to know:

  • Lifetime Data plan provides 250MB per week for the lifetime of your SIMO device.
  • Lifetime Data is consumed before any other data plan available.
  • To activate the Lifetime Data plan, users must provide and register with an email.
  • If a device with Lifetime Data Plan is removed or unlinked from the user’s SIMO account, SIMO reserve the rights to deactivate the plan.
  • The Lifetime Data Plan is non-transferrable from one device to another except in the event of device replacement under warranty.


How to claim Lifetime Data

Lifetime Data is only available for Solis 5G, Solis Lite, Solis X, and Solis 1 users who purchased from SIMO or qualified partners, and who register after 10/06/2023. If users registered prior to 10/06/2023, users will not be eligible for Lifetime Data Plan. 

To claim Lifetime Data plan:

  • Solis 5G: users must register and login to user portal ( and go to ‘Shop’ page to claim and redeem Lifetime Data Plan. Click here to learn how to setup.
  • Solis Lite, Solis X and 1: Lifetime Data Plan will automatically be added once user register and add the device on the Solis App.


How does Lifetime Data Plan work?

  • User will be provided with 250MB every 7 days for the lifetime of the SIMO device that’s eligible.
  • Lifetime Data will auto-renew weekly based on the user’s registration date.
  • The remaining or unused data from prior or existing week will not rollover to the following week.
  • Once user consumes 250MB entirely before auto-renewal, user may purchase or use any additional data plan available.
  • Lifetime Data plan will be prioritized and used before any other plans.



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